Chair Massage

"Employee feedback following the sessions we run is phenomenal. People can’t believe how much better they feel after a 15 minute session. There is a real buzz around the office after each session". S.Gray - CEO of Portus Consulting

"I tried Martin’s Chair Massage at work several months ago – and now I go two or three times a month, I have suffered from lower back pain for several years, as well as a stiff neck and shoulders from poor posture and several hours’ computer work a day.  The chair massage is a fantastic remedy – only takes 20 minutes or so, and is performed with clothes on, so you can fit it easily into your work day. As well as being incredibly relaxing and enjoyable at the time, it really does appear to have long lasting benefits, I have found a noticeable reduction in back and neck ache, and I sleep much better". T.Summers - National Grid

"As owner-managers of a professional services firm, and then parents with busy, active children, we feel the pressures of modern life. Martin’s therapies are excellent, and a great help in combating stress, and aches and pains". J.Watson – Solicitor - KW Law LLP

Sports Massage

"For his slightly less painful, but still very effective, sports massages".

S. Harrison - Athlete 2015, taken from her blog following her 10th at the 2015 IAU World 100km Championships in the Netherlands.

"My wife started using Martin for Sports Massage when she was running marathons around ten years ago, and now I try to see Martin every 2-4 weeks to keep on top of my back issues (due to work) and leg issues (cycling and tennis). We've always been impressed with Martin's knowledge of anatomy and his enthusiasm for his work. Do not expect a "gentle rub-down" but if you're in the market for a PROPER Sports Massage, Martin is your man".

C. French - Dental Surgeon  2018

"I have worked with Martin for both injury recovery and maintenance. As an athlete himself Martin is keen to get his clients back to training and performing at their best as soon as possible. He has a great knowledge of the human body and explains any issues and suggests exercises to help".

P. Atkins - Engineer 2018

"I have used Martin’s services since 2005 and have found him to be very intuitive in spotting problematic areas and effective in treating them.
Martin has developed new techniques over the years and has kept developing and studying thus staying at the top of his game. I use sport massage both for treating acute injuries and to manage a chronic back condition, and as general maintenance to allow me to recover quickly from high training loads.
I also found that a massage scheduled post-race with Martin makes a big difference in being ready sooner to get back to training and stopping niggles from becoming injuries. Martin changes his approach to treatment depending on what is required of the above scenarios to deliver the best results. He also is very attentive, answers questions I may have, is very well informed and often suggest after care treatments such as specific stretching or other practical self-help measures; if there is something he does not know he will not make it up, which is great, but will come back with an answer after having researched the subject. I have recommended him too many friends and fellow athletes and always had good feedback".

S.Carena – Triathlete

"I had very bad ITB syndrome over a year ago and was unable to run more than a mile without severe pain. Martin was able to provide significant relief just with one massage and I have found with regular massages I am able to keep on top of any issues. I value that appointments can be out of work hours and also that over time he has got to know my weak points and so can target those areas a little more specifically. As a runner you don't have any other equipment apart from your body and shoes, so this is a really important part of my 'kit' maintenance".
S. Stein – Runner